Trade Markの使用と教育支援 Trade Mark to Support Education

Children’s development FoundationDaham Sevane Shingiththo が運営しています。私たちが関わる教育支援活動はISO26000の示した組織統治に準拠します。


43私たちのSR活動に賛同する企業や団体は、その商品に私たちの財団のtrade markを付けてください。売り上げの一部がスリランカの子どもたちの教育支援活動に使われます。その資金は、各界の代表によって構成される資金管理委員会が管理します。その理事会は毎年決算書を作成し委員会の承認を受けます。


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Children’s development Foundation is run by Daham Sevane Shingiththo. Our activities to support education are based on the ‘organizational governance’ of ISO26000.

Now, a lot of money and materials have arrived from all over the world. They have helped the education of children in Sri Lanka. It is important to gain the trust of supporters. For this purpose, it is necessary to distribute fairly the property and to make ​​transparent the flow, and the Sri Lankan government should led the management of relief supplies.

We make the following proposal on all the companies and organizations which consents to our SR activities. We ask you to attach trade mark of our foundation to your goods. With a part of the sales, we support the education of Sri Lanka. It was managed by the fund management committee which consts of representation of each field. The executive board draws up a financial statement every year, and receives recognition of a committee.

We ask for your cooperation to purchase teaching materials, training materials and fixtures for Sri Lankan children.


Daham Sevane SingiththoChildren’s Development Foundation

Dr. Noriaki Suga

International President



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